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If you’ve discovered this web page chances are you probably know what I do already, but for those of you who don’t, I’m an electronic music producer and audio engineer. I have been making music professionally for about 25 years and I’ve been involved in many music projects of all types although mostly working with electronic music. I’ve worked as a tutor, engineer and collaborator with many DJs and musicians, working either as a tutor of a group lesson, or as sessions in the studio. Some of the producers I have taught have gone on to write amazing music for some of the world’s best independent labels.

Price:£25 – Hourly

Sessions can be block booked, or booked as we go, payment is either by direct bank transfer(UK) or PayPal.

Tues-Friday afternoons 4-6pm & evenings 7-9pm GMT
Limited Weekends may be possible during the COVID-19 period, please ask for availability.

Your Projects

We can work either from a new project, or we can work on something that you’ve started and need help or direction with. Quite often people get into trouble while they are writing music, either because they lack the experience to take the track forward or just hit a bit of a creative wall in some way. So far I’ve helped a few people out and it’s gone very well. just let me know before the lesson what you’d like to do. If you want to send me files you can use WeTransfer or Dropbox. Please make sure that you have bounced any 3rd party plugins to audio and that you have have included all the necessary audio files. Use the “Collect All and Save” menu in Live and the “Save As” in Logic and make sure you have ticked the relevant boxes for audio to be included. I’ll open the project on my computer, share my screen and we can go through it.

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Working remotely with Zoom

Zoom is free and unlimited for a 2 person call, you’ll need to set up an account, download the software and we can arrange a time to create a meeting.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and the stay at home policy I have worked out what I think is a good way to work remotely. With a little bit of rewiring I’ve managed to set my studio up so I can demonstrate how to use hardware and software and you can hear the results in good quality real-time audio ( Zoom connection permitting ), you can ask me questions and I can show you how I would approach the answer. Generally sessions work best if you have something in Ableton or Logic X that you can share with me, I can open it and share the screen and we can go over ideas and techniques together. Don’t forget to use the “Collect All and Save” option in Live or just “Save As” and include the relevant audio files in Logic X. I do also have a good selection of plugins on hand, but it’s best to keep 3rd party plugins to a minimum in a shared project to avoid compatibility issues.


What you need is high-speed internet, a copy of Zoom, a laptop/computer ( Mac or PC ) with a mic & cam, Live 10.1 or Logic X and some headphones, this will give us all we need for a basic session. For more complex audio situations we can work out a solution, it can need a bit more setup depending on your studio, get in touch and we can always work something out.

Ableton Live 10, Logic X and more….

I’m a Beta tester and Crashologist for Ableton Live, I also beta test plugins for Arturia and Plug-In Alliance. My main DAW is Ableton Live 10.1, but I grew up using Cubase and also spent many years using Logic and now Logic X.I have lots of experience with those DAWs and some others such as Fruity Loops and Reason & Bitwig, although Live or Logic X is really my main software of choice. I’m happy to do sessions on either of these DAWs.

Studio Design & Debugging

I have built and rebuilt my own studio several times over the years in different locations and always on a tight budget, I’ve picked up a lot of useful tips and tricks along the way. A studio is never finished! There are always issues that appear and I can help clarify what your next step needs to be if you are thinking of changing things around or building your own studio. Studios need to sound good of course, but there are always logistics to plan and they need to be comfortable if you are going to spend much of your time in there, I can help set a design plan into action to help you get the best out of your gear.

Writing & Arranging

The bottom line is always to get something finished. So why is it so hard to finish a track? It can be all sorts of things, monitoring, bad habits, lack of inspiration, there are so many reasons why we don’t finish projects. I am here to help with some workflow advice and methods I use to get results quickly and hopefully some tricks that get the creative juices flowing.

Drum Programming & Synth Programming

Drums are at the heart of dance music, we can learn how to create great sounding beats using the factory samples with your DAW as well as creating more unique sounds and how to add groove and feel to spice up your grooves. I am a Grade 7 trained drummer as well as a programmer so I can really help with grooves.