The Punishment Farm

Based in Ashford Kent, The Punishment Farm is mostly used as a personal studio for for writing & producing Dave’s techno tracks and other electronic music but it is also possible to hire the place. We also offer a professional audio mastering service for all kinds of digital use, either online or for CD. It is possible to digitally edit, overdub and mix audio here too.

We have some good mics (Rode, AKG, Shure) limited space, vocals, guitars, even drums is possible and we get pretty good results. We mostly work in all genres of electronic dance music or anything else made with computers, synthesizers and sequencers. The history of the Punishment Farm incorporates many underground techno classics.

We are a Mac based setup focused on Ableton Live 10/1 as a DAW, but we also use Apple’s Logic Pro X as an editor and secondary DAW. Plug ins come from various well known companies such as Waves, UAD, Native Instruments and Arturia. Our monitors are powered by Adams and Presonus.

Ableton Live 10

Our preferred in house DAW is Ableton Live. We have been using Live since it began and find it one of the most flexible recording and production software systems out there. We have recently been upgraded to an Alpha tester for Live and We have run several tutorials for classes of students to learn Live.


We now offer a digital mastering service due to the purchase of a UAD satellite giving us access to some of the best plug ins on the market. Digital mastering is cheaper than analogue mastering, it is all done "in the box" using software and my own plug in selection. I can achieve great results and We have mastered the entire catalog of Hydraulix plus many tunes for well known artists, If you want your tracks mastered please use the contact form on this site.

Synthesizers and Plug ins

Over the years We've picked up loads about synthesis and synths in general. It's always possible to find incredible sounds from our range of hardware synths or from software plug ins. We love the feel of using hardware becuase it's so hands on, but plug ins can be just as good and easier to use in certain situations.

Punishment Farm Kit List

In the early 2000’s we shrunk down the gear to the basic essentials, but over years we’ve started to buy stuff back. We used to be the proud owner a of an original Roland 909 plus rare old Korg Synths and a Sequential Circuits Pro 1, but a lot of these got sold off to gather funds for new computer software and digital kit, which in hindsight wasn’t a great idea. Currently we are committed to buying more new synthesizers, because hardware is just so fun to use and sounds great and modern hardware is the best of both worlds. The next one will probably be something modular, anyway the kit list is not too shabby.

  • Mac Mini 2018 3.6GHz OSX 10.14 1TB SSD 64GBRAM
  • Macbook Pro 2.66GHz OSX10.13
  • Ableton Live 10.1 Suite
  • Ableton Push2
  • Arturia Collection 7
  • Logic Pro X
  • Korg Gadget 2
  • Ozone 8
  • Maschine 1
  • Plug ins Native Instruments & Waves Fabfilter & More
  • UAD Satellite Quad Core
  • Adams P33 Monitors
  • Presonus E5 Monitors
  • Fostex p11 Monitors (DJ)
  • Nord Modular Synth V1
  • Roland TB 303 x2
  • Roland TR8
  • Roland R8
  • Roland SH101 Synth
  • Roland JP08 Boutique Synth
  • Moog Sub 37
  • Sequential Circuits Pro One
  • Behringer Neutron
  • Access Virus C
  • Korg Prophecy
  • Korg Digital Piano
  • EMU Vintage Keys
  • Ensoniq SQR
  • Yamaha TX81z
  • Rode USB Mic
  • Drum Mics
  • Sonar 5 Piece Drum Kit with Zildjan Sabian & Soultone Cymbals
  • Assorted Guitars
  • 2 x Kenton Midi to CV & Gate Converter
  • Doepffer Midi Synch box.
  • Digidesign 002R Audio
  • Tascam DA20 D.A.T.
  • APC 40 MK2
  • Behringer X32 Digital Mixer
  • S-Cat Dubsta Analogue Delay
  • Various Outboad FX (Lexicon, Drawmer, Akai, Boss)
  • 2 X Technics 1210s
  • 2 X Pioner CDJ900 Nexus
  • Pioneer 600 DJM

Some Music Recorded at the Punishment Farm