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General waffle from me about the label Hydraulix, but also about parties and techno and general stuff about music. keep an eye on this space if you want to know whats going on, you can also sign up for the mailing list, and get the odd email about Hydraulix & Drummer related stuff.

  • Apex 21

    A brand new artist with a big release. Benjamin Herblin & Guillaume Crolais are Victoria.52 and Mr.CRLS They are from An... more
  • Hydraulix 666

    The Beast is unleashed today!! 10/07/2017 Beatport exclusive for the next 2 weeks then it’s out everywhere else. https:... more
  • Apex 20

    Apex is back on the block! With a stomping release by Russia’s favorite DJ / Producer Andrei Abramov better known as: A... more
  • Hydraulix 65

    Possibly one of the most positive people in the world, Marcello Perri comes home to Hydraulix, with his own productions from ... more
  • Vote For Truelove

    John Truelove (writer candidate) video for the 2017 PRS Board Election. Long time friend and collaborator John Truelove is ... more
  • Hydraulix 64

    We welcome Matt Mus to Hydraulix. Matt has earned his success with a string of storming releases for Naked Lunch, Monoton:Aud... more
  • Hydraulix 63

    Mark EG is a living legend of the UK underground scene, an energetic DJ who has more than just a fleeting obsession with tech... more
  • Hydraulix 61

    Strobe comes to us with an E.P. of utter synth madness. Degraded, is the tougher of the two tracks with an industrial feel to... more
  • Hydraulix 60

    Darmec has been making waves in the techno scene over the last few months. This release on Hydraulix represents what we belie... more
  • Hydraulix 59

    The highly respected and well loved techno artist from Kosovo, Vegim, comes to Hydraulix with an EP of different techno flavo... more