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General waffle from me about the label Hydraulix, but also about parties and techno and general stuff about music. keep an eye on this space if you want to know whats going on, you can also sign up for the mailing list, and get the odd email about Hydraulix & Drummer related stuff.

  • Apex 26

    Apex are proud to be joined by up coming Italian techno artist Francesco Miele. After several great releases on respected la... more
  • Apex 25

    It’s old whassname again. Henry Cullen on a solo outing with some heavy techno tracks in a deeper vein. pumping solid b... more
  • Hydraulix 70

    Well here we are number 70! Who would have thought that we would get this far? This release is by up and coming French techno... more
  • Free Tracks!

    Some tracks that never saw the light of day for one reason or another, mostly because they didn’t fit the bill for the ... more
  • Hydraulix 69

    We just couldn’t let it lie. ... more
  • Hydraulix 68

    Hydraulix is proud to bring you The Splinter E.P. by Resistohr. When Anne Gelfei & David Merlino get together in their ... more
  • Apex 23

    The Hive E.P. Apex Recordings Release Date: 16/10/17 Beatport Exclusive: 02/10/17 Order it here: more
  • Autumn DJ Mix

    Dense & Pika – Just a Beat (Original Mix) Steve Shaden & Kristina Lalic – Cube Zero (Original Mix) Tom ... more
  • Apex 22

    Brand new artist from Wales Haluso blends tough techno beats with melodic stabs and filters. Perfect tracks for playing to a ... more
  • Hydraulix 67

    With releases on DSR Digital, Dolma Rec, Sonika Music and Reload Black, Edo Messina comes to Hydraulix with 3 tough techno tr... more