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General waffle from me about the label Hydraulix, but also about parties and techno and general stuff about music. keep an eye on this space if you want to know whats going on, you can also sign up for the mailing list, and get the odd email about Hydraulix & Drummer related stuff.

  • Boomtown 2016

    Really looking forward to playing Boomtown with Chris Liberator in the Raveyard this year. For those of you who don’... more

  • Hydraulix 12"

    Yes you read it right… There will be some new Hydraulix records around very soon!

    We have made a deal with Jack Wax ... more

  • Hydraulix in 2016

    As 2016 marches onward Hydraulix is drawing closer and closer to the first release with Labelworx. Based in the north of E... more

  • SUF Payback Party

    As we make our way into 2016, we start with one of our favourite events of the year – it’s the SUF PAYBACK PAR... more

  • LUU - 12/9/2015

    London Underground United – September 2015 The Best Techno Party in London is about to get better


  • Hydraulix 55

    Finally….Dave the Drummer gets on the case in the studio and comes to you armed with a bunch of new tracks aimed dir... more

  • Hydraulix 54

    Techno techno techno?

    What can we say about techno that hasn’t been said a million times before……... more

  • Hydraulix 53

    Dark, sinister, tough, solid etc… and all those other kind of worn out techno-y phrases that we like to use when we can&... more

  • Hydraulix in 2014

    As you probably noticed, or maybe you haven’t, there has been a distinct lack of releases coming around on Hydraulix re... more