Apex Re-coded

Apex was started in 2000, and was an alternative to Hydraulix with a slightly more experimental sound. The first releases were really big ( probably should have been on Hydraulix ) and got played a lot by Carl Cox and Judge Jules as well as many other big having it DJs at the time, but after the initial rush of peak time tracks the labels output was, admittedly, slightly patchy.

Some of the best releases on Apex apart from the 1st two came at the end of it’s life in around 2006 with tracks by Rob Tryptomene, Pattrix and Android. Some of the tracks have taken time to “grow” and still get plays today.

The label was Vinyl only, but is now available on MP3.


Now relaunched with a new sound and a new roster of artists, Apex will be concentrating on funkier edged techno music, not going into the hard dark territory of Hydraulix and staying well away from the generic tech house which makes many of us techno DJ’s want to bury our heads in our hands.

So something in between all that then. I hope that’s clear.

Stay tuned, new releases planned for the summer 2017 :v Android, Chicago Loop, Henry Cullen,