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Thanks for tuning into my website, chances are you are here because you have discovered the labels Hydraulix or Apex or Mutate to Survive, maybe you know about them already. You’ll find info about new releases here, plus gigs and other news. I’m always around on Facebook if you prefer the social media thing.


Over the last year or so I have been offering some online music production tutorials. These have been really successful and have resulted in a releases coming out on some good labels as well as helping my students improve their music making abilities. you choose the subject you’d like to go over and we go through it together, it can be anything from technical aspects of recording and audio, working with Ableton Live or just working out new ways to get inspired. To find out more clikc the tutorials link in the menu or click here.


New tunes arriving on the Hydraulix Bandcamp store all the time. The lates which is a clear vinyl of Hydraulix 100 double pack is still available. We have a repress of Hydraulix X02 and a new red vinyl VA is due in stock in a couple of weeks.


We still plan to do a regular Sunday Session techno mix on Facebook , YT and Twitch, but since the reopening of clubs we have been a little sporadic. This may have to be the way things are for the foreseeable future but look out of notifications from my channels about livestreams. Thanks for all your support so far it”s been great and we do plan to keep it going as best we can.

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