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Thanks for tuning into my website, chances are you are here because you have discovered the labels Hydraulix or Apex or Mutate to Survive, maybe you know about them already. You’ll find info about new releases here, plus gigs and other news. I’m always around on Facebook if you prefer the social media thing. A shop is planned to arrive here sometime in the near future so you can buy stuff. Sign up to the newsletter if you want to stay in touch, I do the odd mail out and as soon as the shop goes up I’ll let you know. If you’d like to book a gig┬áD.A.V.E. The Drummer please go to LoudByDesign bookings on Facebook and drop Rachel a message. My normal fee is a million pounds, but I’m flexible. Thanks for visiting.


It’s everywhere, we are all locked in our houses, the NHS is working round the clock and so are the other services, the army the supermarkets the delivery people lot’s of key workers are keeping it together while the rest of us isolate and try to limit the spread, Most of us have lost work, some of us are looking for new jobs, I may well be doing that soon if I can’t make the online side of my business work better. I have been a DJ for 20 years and have relied on that income most of my adult life, unpredictable as it may be. It never made me rich, but I had a lot of fun doing it and it kept me very busy. Everything I was booked to play this summer, including some of the biggest events I been asked to play it in years, has been canceled or postponed, no deposits paid on almost everything. Every other musician on the planet is affected, plus anyone else whose income relies on creative art in some way, that’s staging, sound, lights, events spaces, etc. The list is huge.

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You probably have similar problems with your industry whatever that may be, we are all affected. I’m not going to say the music industry is a special case, not at all, it is special to me of course, that’s obvious. But one thing I do want to say is, that I and many other DJs and artists will not be able to start working as soon as this is over (if it ever does end and we don’t turn into a fascist police state, don’t get me started on that!) The problem I am seeing is that many events are being pushed further and further back, some even as far as summer 2021, plus we cannot properly book anything 100% because we simply do not know when this will end. At the moment I am looking to start working again at the earliest October 2020, but more probably next year and it will take most of next year to get the remaining gigs back up and running properly, meaning that by 2022 things might be getting back to normal.

So on a positive note. I’m focussing online, I’m offering some tutorials I’m also doing some live streams from Facebook and YouTube for fun and donations. There’s shirts up on my Spreadshirt shop and new tunes arriving on Bandcamp all the time. 12″ of the last Hydraulix is being cut and some exclusives will be going up there too soon.

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